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Quality Service Since 1994!

Axes Fire Inc. has been servicing fire protection needs of commerical and industrial businesses for the last 14 years! We know how to do the job right the first time. We offer FREE ESTIMATES on all your fire protection needs, NO HIDDEN CHARGES, and SAME DAY EMERGENCY SERVICE.


Fire Extinguishers

Axes Fire Inc. 10-step service program includes:

  1. Visual inspection of all extinguishers on site
  2. Hydrostatic test and maintenance dates
  3. Weighing the extinguishers
  4. Visual inspection of pressure gauges
  5. Removal of tamper seals and safety pull pins
  6. Removal of discharge hoses and check for continuity
  7. Inspection of the valve assemblies
  8. Cleaning and re-hanging all extinguishers
  9. Review of extinguisher placement, sizes and types
  10. New certification tags to keep you in compliance

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Axes Fire Inc. training program includes:

  1. Overview of the fire protection equipment installed in your facility
  2. Review of proper procedures and fire evacuation routes
  3. Emergency preparedness training
  4. Alertness to fire hazards
  5. Review of the types of fire extinguishers and their proper use
  6. Identification of the classes of fires and how each is fought
  7. Indoor or outdoor hands-on experience

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Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Axes Fire Inc. Emergency Lights and Exit Signs gurantee:

  1. Your lights will work in an emergency
  2. Improved security for your property and personnel
  3. Safer, easily identifiable evacuation routes
  4. Minimal downtime/loss of productivity
  5. Comprehensive inspections and testing

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